What’s Your Yoga?

Question 1: You’re mostly looking to:

A:   Lose weight
B:   De-stress
C:   Exercise without injury


Question 2: You like spending time in:
A:   A hot room with no windows
B:  The gym
C:  Rustic retreats
Question 3: You like to exercise while wearing:
A:  Very little
B:  Stella McCartney Sportswear
C:  Pyjamas

Question 4: If someone breaks wind in class you:

A:  Were too busy sweating to hear
B:  Pull a face muscle trying not to laugh
C:  OMG it was you
Question 5: After class you:
A:   Go for wheatgrass shots
B:   Go home, and say no to wine
C:   Help the teacher put the mats away, and talk about amazing the Shavasana was

Mostly As:

Try Bikram or Vinyasa Flow

You like action, energy and the physicality of a good practice. You also want to look awesome and feel great.

Mostly Bs:

Try Ashtanga or Hatha

You like the idea of yoga, but you could take or leave the lentils and the sanskrit. But actually, you might find it grows on you 🙂

Mostly Cs:

Hatha or Iyengar

I don’t even know why you are taking this quiz, as you clearly already know more about yoga than the person writing it.