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New State of Consciousness

26th August 2017 5 min to read

New State of Consciousness

Category : Travel, TRAVELING

Ellen Baggs: Facebook age 29. Real age 12… (Please read the following bearing in mind I am not an emotional person.) Recently I embarked on ‘a travel journey’ as a 45 year old backpacker! Did you know insurance companies only do backpacker insurance up to 35 years? (And yes there is my first mental stumbling block!)...

Life: Can You Hear Me Now?

19th November 2015 2 min to read

Life: Can You Hear Me Now?

Category : LIFE, Surf

Ellen gets some life instuction – and passes it on ūüôā I went for an narly dude surf a few weeks ago¬†in Lahinch. The skies were clear blue, the sun was out, the water was 14 degrees. It was like a beautiful Irish summers day in October! The waves were huge and “fluffy” (man term = “foamy”). So I ended ...

A Class Act

13th October 2015 3 min to read

A Class Act

Category : RANT, SPORT

Going to class is about more than learning. It’s about connecting with people, something that an online classes just can’t give you. I was driven to¬†write this article after I read an online article¬†about yoga teaching and how hard it is. It went into the horrible scenario of injured yoga teachers who had to carry on te...

17th August 2015 1 min to read

Take the Yoga Quiz!

Category : LIFE, SPORT, YOGA

What‚Äôs Your Yoga? Question 1: You‚Äôre mostly looking to: A: ¬† Lose weight B:¬† ¬†De-stress C: ¬† Exercise without injury   Question 2: You like spending time in: A: ¬† A hot room with no windows B: ¬†The gym C: ¬†Rustic retreats Question 3: You like to exercise while wearing: A: ¬†Very little B: ¬†Stella McCartney Spor...

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