I’m getting married! In like 135 days (but who’s counting!) I have dreamt about this day since I knew it was getting pretty darn serious with himself! And I want to look good. Not just for him or my adoring family but for me. I want to look back when I’m seventy odd and go damn! Damn, damn, DAMMMMN! I want to radiate, I want to dazzle, I want shine! It’s the most important day of our lives so far and I want to wow! With that, I thought I’d share my thoughts and some tips about how I’m making the best me for the big day!


1. Don’t change if you don’t want to.

This is probably the most important tip, which is why it’s coming first. I’m all for being healthy and fit but sometimes self love is more important. You are beautiful and your significant other obviously thinks you’re pretty amazing so if you are happy with how you look and how you feel then keep on trucking the way you have been. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than confidence! Wedding magazines, blogs and frankly yourself can make feel pressured into “shaping up for the wedding.” If you don’t want to then please don’t. It is important to be happy and comfortable about your wedding. It’s your day and you’re gawjus!


2. If you’re gonna do it, do it for the long haul.

If you are going to get fitter and healthier for your wedding then you might as well not stop there. Fitness is a way of life and should go hand in hand with your daily life. If this is something that you haven’t been doing and decided to partake due to impending nuptials then why stop at the wedding. No point sweating and dieting and crying over that slice of double chocolate wonder fudge cake to fit in that Vera Wang/Claire Pettibone/Vivienne Westwood if you are going to fall back into an old lifestyle after you say I do. Use the wedding as a benchmark and then break through it and continue this awesome, healthy life you’ve created for yourself.


3. Find an exercise/sport that works for you and then mix it up.

Honestly, exercise doesn’t have to been that sweating, lumbering ball and chain strapped to you. If running is hard on your knees then try swimming. If you’ve always fancied yourself as the next Serena Williams (man she is kick ass!) then join the local tennis club or just hit it up against a wall in your back garden. There are so many ways to get active and stay fit, you just got to find something that works for you. Something that tires you out, gets you’re heart rate up but doesn’t make you hate yourself, or life… And don’t just find one, find two or three and keep things mixed up during the week. It’s been proven that keeping the body guessing is a good way to increase fitness, weight-loss and help prevent burnouts.


4. A little bit of toning goes a long way.

Now, no one’s asking you to go out and deadlift 80 kilos (if you want to give that a shot, please do!) but toning and small weights work wonders and they don’t have to take that long. Firstly, understand that muscle uses up more energy that fat, even when it’s not being used, so it burns more calories. More muscle, more fat loss. Secondly, doing weights twice a week helps the brain and keeps you mentally young (so that’s a bonus). What I’ve been doing is getting up first thing every morning and spending 5-10 minutes busting out some squats, sit ups, tricep dips etc. I found exercises that would help tone up the areas I want to improve (Pinterest a beautiful thing) and I’ve just been gunning through them, knowing that will not only improve how I look but also how I feel and how I perform in rowing.


5. Don’t eat less, eat better.

There are intense/complicated ways to lose weight through food and if that’s what you are going for then all power to you, I just don’t really get macros! But I think it’s important to note that food is not only depicting your waistline but many other things as well. Your hair, skin, nails, eyes are all affected by what you eat. So don’t just think about how little can I eat, also consider what way can I eat better. As a fellow rower once said, your dinner should be a rainbow. Fill yourself with nutrient rich veggies and fruit, to shine your hair, sparkle your eyes and brighten your skin. There’s a lot of reading behind this so do a bit of research, talk to a specialist and find what foods work for you. It’s not all about eating less. And it’s not about avoiding the double chocolate wonder fudge cake either!


So that’s all I’ve learned from sweating for the wedding. I am working my way to the big day, trying to be beautiful, healthy and confident on the inside so that I look my best on the outside. So that I feel like the best version of me. And so when I walk up the aisle my Aunt Bernie whispers “dammmmmmmmmn!” to my Uncle Noel.