So it’s the Sunday before I go back to work and I am here on my couch, enjoying the last of the Christmas biscuits (which are delicious by the way) and I feel both proud and ashamed. Before the break I had high hopes of keeping up with my training programme while back at my folks. I had time to rest and train. I would really improve in the two week window I had off from the office. But on my last day of work I got sick. Not much at first, just a little niggle in the throat. But that hectic lifestyle one has over Christmas of meeting old friends and enjoying a glass or two or seven… teen, well, that caught up with me and before you know it I was sick, proper sick. Too ill to train.


So I sat back and I rested… I rested hard. I slept in late, I ate cheese, and chocolate and eggy bread and waffles. I watched so much telly and took brief strolls when the sun shone which as we know was extremely rare. I stayed up late to laugh with family, I went taking photos with my dad on our snazzy cameras, I roasted my first chicken, I baked my 163rd batch of brownies, I chased my nephews and giggled with my sisters, I played board games that stressed me out (seriously! how am I supposed to know where port originated from?!?!!?!) I went for a pint with my fiance and his family, I lounged on couches with my best friend under blankets chitchatting, I laughed so hard at my other bestie’s recent work issues, I got told over and over again that I had gotten really hot since I lost weight (it was sweeter than it sounds). I watched my aunt really struggle at dominoes and resort to cheating, I bowled badly and bitched when a seven year old kept hogging the ball I wanted (how small are my hands?!)


I finally watched Jurassic World and fell asleep during Mad Max.


Honestly, I could go on.


But I won’t. I think I’ve made my point. I was sick so I couldn’t train and I’m glad I couldn’t. Sure I feel a little guilty, and getting back up to form will be tough but it was worth the wonderful Christmas I spent trying to get better. I had time to really spend with my loved ones. I don’t regret that for a second. So if you’re like me and are facing that envitable moment when you have to squish back into that sports bra and kick ass after a good long break during Christmas, just remember, it’s called the holidays for a reason. Sometimes you have to take a break, sometimes missing the gym or skipping that bootcamp is ok. Afterall, it’s not all the time, it’s only for a little while.


And there ain’t nothing wrong with that…