This is a funny one because obviously not everyone can actually do this. Buuuut… If it’s possible for you and your are sorta on the fence as to when you want to train then please allow me to advocate for the lunchtime slot. It sounds like a drag but I think you might be pleasantly surprised!


1: It’s time sensitive so you gotta be proactive

So most people have an hour for lunch, right? And for most of us humans 45minutes to an hour is LOOOOADS of time to get our sweat on per day. I find when I’m training after work I dawdle, dawdle something fierce. I come home, check the post, clean the kitchen, watch some telly, get changed, chat on the phone, stare out the window, take a nap, lie on the floor, dust the windows, shave the cat and before you no it it’s quite late and I’m rushing to get a good workout done before dinner. However, in work I need to be done by 1.45pm so I can eat in peace. So I hop out the door with my gear on as soon as I can to get a 4-5k run done, sometimes more, sometimes less. Be back in time to de-sweat, eat my lunch and chill for a few minutes. And then I’m done for the day!


2. You can usually coerce fellow colleagues to train with you

I’ve done this loads, I get everybody to run with me! Usually someone who wants to get their fitness back up and (like me) wants the company and the constant distraction/encouragement. It keeps training social so you aren’t totally losing your lunch to fitness. So instead of dragging your ass to the gym and training by yourself you can get active and get the office goss!


3. It’s a great excuse to wear activewear

I’m going to assume I’m not alone in this, leggings are just too comfy. I’m a graphic designer in a company with many marketing peeps/account manager types, so the likelihood of me meeting a client is really slim. Really, really slim. So on the days I want to squeeze in a jog at lunch I come prepared! Donned in my nicest activewear, feeling comfortable yet still quite chic! It means I can be lazy and wear comfy clothes in the morning while still be fit and active later on in the day with minimal effort! Of course if your are the super duper sweaty type (or have client meetings after lunch) you can always bring a change of clothes.


4. You have the evening to get sh*t done

Over the past few weeks my life has been turned on it’s head. Frankly, right now, I couldn’t train in the evenings. My weeknights have become a well-oiled routine of dinner prep, lunch prep, laundry prep and then out the door not to return again till 11pm at the earliest. Training at lunchtime still allows me to do something for myself in a day that is now filled with everyone else’s needs. It’s almost like a bubble bath, with no bubbles or scented candles. Just sweat and rave tunes… And even if you’re not like me and you have the evenings free, having your training done for the day means, you can hang out with friends, go to the cinema, go out for dinner, hike a mountain etc. Stuff you can’t do in an hour lunch break. You can still live your life.


5. It gets you out

I bring my lunch to work, I rarely have out of office meetings. So the lunchtime run is a perfect excuse for me to just get out of the office. Take a break from deadlines and processes and just have a proper break from your work. Sometimes it can be hard to switch off if you stay in the office and it’s not always possible to eat outside(not in Ireland at least), but you can run in most weather.


Keeping active with and hectic life can be a struggle. Family, friends, bills, meetings all get mushed in together and sometimes it’s hard to find time for a wee jog, yoga session or whatever else you’re in to. So if you feel like you want to add some training to your day but already feel a bit overwhelmed, maybe your lunch break is the perfect slot. Just maybe…