So as I explained before I am attempting to go Lightweight. This involves a slight (hopefully) deficit in calorie intake and an increase in cardio activity. Cardio, such as running and the likes. Now I have already gone on three runs this week and frankly I wanted to some different kind of cardio today. Mix it up a bit. So while the fella was off rowing (yes we are a rowing couple) I tried out his skipping rope.

In short, the skipping rope is a bitch! Before you start, you foolishly conjure up images of skipping as a child. I recalled being quite good at it, skipping up and down the garden without a care in the world. This skipping is not like that skipping. This is intense. Like in Rocky or Million Dollar Baby except you suck at it. It whips you when you do it wrong, leaving visible marks on your body. You trip a lot and you get very, very sweaty. It was tough and punishing but overall a great workout that brought up my heart rate fast and meant I didn’t have to leave my house. You burn around 200 calories skipping for 20 minutes. That’s more than a jog within the same timeframe. If you a looking for a cardio workout and running isn’t your thing then maybe this is for you.

And on that note here are a few things I’ve learned from this morning’s workout that could benefit you if you decide to try skipping.


1. You will get whipped, alot.

So wear pants. Don’t bother with your shorts, they’re no good here. Leggings or tight yoga pants are a better solution, they’ll protect your skin. I was frightened by the marks on my legs!

2. If you can, do it outside.

Unless you have your own personal gym or a mahoosive home. I have neither. I did it in my living room and kept whacking the rope off furniture which would throw me off and probably damaged my nice dresser!

3. Music will help.

Put on some music you really love that will keep you motivated. Imagine you’re in some sexy Top Gun style montage and keep going. At the very least, the music will keep you dancing whenever you stop and that is still good cardio!

4. Keep it up!

Don’t feel disheartened if you can only do three or four full rotations before getting caught up in the rope. This is tricky and you are bound to get stuck. Maybe try count them and see if you can’t beat yourself. I got to 27!


So if you feel like sweating and hate leaving the house or exercise videos why not give skipping a go. It will get you sweaty in no time!


Notes from the Ed

Rhona bought her skipping rope from Amazon for about €25.  It was a Cross-Fit brand that came with a swanky training DVD and spare parts! And a bag! That’s about €1,375 less than a Concept 2 ergometer, which is the only other machine I know of that will make you sweat as much, as quickly… Top Tip: make sure there’s a smooth swivel and comfy handles. Also if you’re a short arse (sorry Rho-Rho) you’ll need a rope that you can adjust for your height. Too long or too short and you’re faceplanting all over the shop.