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No Make Up Month

5th April 2017 4 min to read

No Make Up Month

Category : BODY

In work the past few days discussions have been going the way of serious make-up chats. A colleague of mine is quite the cosmetic queen. She knows everything, has ALL (ALLLLLLLLLLL) the kit and has even taken a super serious course in it. I, on the other hand, change mascara every year (more like 2) and barely have the energy to pu...

Wedding Day Belly Love

1st March 2017 2 min to read

Wedding Day Belly Love

Category : BODY, LIFE

I have always had a belly. From as long as I can remember my belly has stuck out. I got older, hit puberty, grew a fierce rack and hips and my belly got a little bigger. Then it got a lot bigger… And then it got small again. But it’s forever been there. And I have forever had issue with it. And for years I tried to hid...

15th March 2016 2 min to read

Prisoner to my weight…

Category : FOOD, RANT, SPORT

I’m tired. Tired of wanting to be thinner, tired of training and then feeling like I can’t have that big hunk of Toblerone, tired of counting calories, watching everything I eat, pouring litres of water into me, trying to eat less carbs, more protein, no sugar! Tired of being bombarded with weightloss stories, “best...

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