Baby Steps


So this week began with me still in a whole world of pain. Two days after my first personal training gym session and I was still recovering. Stairs were the worst and unfortunately, my office is on the first floor and the bathroom another stair climb away! What hurt most was knees for some reason. I had booked my first fitness class for that Monday, called Body Blast or something like that and I was getting nervous about it. Very nervous. I mean I was barely able to walk. About half way through the day, it became quite clear that I would definitely not be able to do a high impact class. I hummed and hawed for a while, not wanting to give in but scared shitless about going. I got on the to gym to cancel the class, and the girl on reception suggested switching it to a more low impact such as the pilates class that was on after. To say I jumped at the suggestion, is a bit of an understatement. The pilates class was on just after the original planned class. And as I always like to be early, I got to catch the end of the class. While I couldn’t see through the wall to see what is was like, I could hear the instructor giving the instructions/encouragement. And it sounded so intense. I was so relieved to being doing pilates instead. It was a quite a large group of us, so I grabbed a mat and headed to the front of the class. I was quite surprised about how tough it was, there was one bit I just couldn’t do as my hips were in agony. But I felt so good afterwards. I was still sore but it was better. I could actually move!


Wednesday evening brought the first boot camp class. Thankfully, it was classed as a beginner boot camp. How bad could it be? I had arrived early and the other girls were chatting. Two had been at the class the week before and saying how they couldn’t walk the next day after it. Very encouraging. I was exhausted by the time if had finished the warm up. And I still had all the exercises! Four stations, two cardio, two strength done in three rounds. The stations were changed twice. So in total you did twelve different exercises three times. And it was tough, so tough. I was clearly the least fittest person in the class. It was a real struggle to get through it. I thought I was going to throw up (I did afterwards!) Afterwards I was stiff as a board. Everything felt so heavy. It was so late that I didn’t even bother to get a shower. Just jumped into bed and hoped I would not be too sore in the morning. Surprisingly, I wasn’t really too sore. My back was stiff but the rest of me was fine. Unlike after the first training session, when inch of me was in agony. That was reassuring. I was getting better.



Just a little snippet of my week. Training my ass off, happy post workout selfie, my meal plan aaaaaaand delicious homemade tomato sauce!


On Saturday, I had my weekly weigh-in and I was very pleased to find out that not only had I lost 2.4 lbs but that I had actually lost 3.6lbs of fat mass and gained a whole 1lb of muscle. Not bad at all. I didn’t have my personal trainer this time. I had kept the weigh-in on the Saturday so as to at least get me in on a non-class day. As I probably mightn’t have bothered going in for the gym session otherwise. As I waited for the weigh-in, I was quite tired and I was already thinking “ah I might only do a little work-out.” But I got on the bike and did the 10 minute warm-up. I moved into the circuit room. Again thinking, “I will only do 1 or 2 circuits,” as opposed to 3 I was supposed to do. But in no time I had all three done. The plan was then 25 minutes of interval cardio. 1 min fast 30 sec recovery. But I am no good at intervals so I just went hell for leather, or at least as best as I could. I did 10 minutes on the treadmill of which I did 2 sprints. I then went to an old familiar the rowing machine. Set the time for 10 minutes and off I went. Again going hell for leather at the beginning. But by the time I had was nearly half way through I was struggling. However, I kept going, reciting my new mantra, 7 years! I finished again on a sprint, and felt well chuffed that I kept going and didn’t give up. Finally, 5 minutes on the bike and the work out was completed.


I felt so good leaving the gym. I felt like I could take on anything. A bit stiff so jumped into a bath to ease it when I got home. But again, unlike the first session, there was no soreness as there had been at the very start of the week. But I didn’t get to go for a run this week. I will need to make sure I do next week.


So about my new mantra! One of the main symptoms of PCOS is irregular periods and some cases, there are no periods at all. I am unfortunately one of those. Any period I have had in the last 7 years have been medically induced through either the pill or through the fertility treatment last year.


That is until this week. No sooner I had I done my first training session, I had a bit of a teeny tiny show. I got a little excited but dismissed it. It could be anything. But two days later, it was period city. It wasn’t heavy but it was definitely there. It was so clearly the exercise, as it had began to lighten before the boot camp but the day after it was back with a bang. So much so I wasn’t sure if the pain in my lower back was from the boot camp or my period. It hasn’t even been a week at the gym and there are results. While it may not mean my body will starting ovulating, it is still something. PCOS effects each woman differently. Things that work for one does not work for another. Some people swear by the medication. I had been on it for two years now and no effect on my cycle had been visible.


Finally, after all this time, something is finally working for me.


New words of the week: High impact and low impact!

New mantra: 7 years!

Weight: 12st 12.4lbs

Run: 0km

Feelings: Super pumped and full of energy. Body a bit stiff but no real soreness.