Ellen gets some life instuction – and passes it on ūüôā

I went for an narly dude surf a few weeks ago¬†in Lahinch. The skies were clear blue, the sun was out, the water was 14 degrees. It was like a beautiful Irish summers day in October! The waves were huge and “fluffy” (man term = “foamy”). So I ended up as always do in the “junior surf” rather than on the reef/inner Cornish/ outer Cornish/inner/outer beach. The aforementioned are all places I should probably be, after surfing for a few years now. Apparently – “You really need to be pushing youerself”.¬†Anyways I love “fluffy surf” and you don’t get lovely foam or bubbles at “pushing yourself reef”.

I also tend¬†to¬†surf near one of the local surf schools (through no fault of my own; I like to go left).¬†Ben Surf Clinic¬†has great instructors. ¬†They’ll give out tips when one is in the water and believe you me I need as many tips/instructions as I can get #greedyinstructions. I love a good instruction! One of Ben’s lovely instructors was watching me and gave me some advice. He told me how to control my¬†weight distribution on the board and how to pick up speed after one has made the turn (to the left of course)!

I tried it out next wave. I moved my weight to the back of the board to turn, then moved my front foot 45 degrees, bent my knees more, opened up my front hip and put my weight back on my front foot (where my body would have been when paddling), which made the board pick up speed due to weight distribution and wave momentum! How amazing is that!

I couldn’t believe it was so simple.

How could I not have “heard” that instruction before in all my years surfing?

It’s the same with yoga, and yoga teaching. I went to an amazing workshop recently at the East Clare Yoga Centre. Where I “heard” two separate instructions that made so much sense re: bones and pubis (love a good pubis instruction). Why had I not “heard” these instructions before either? It got me thinking (I know, steady on!). As in life sometimes one is not able/ready to hear something. Wether there is too much other stuff going on inside ones head or whether you just don’t make the connection or”get it”.

Similar personal examples apply too, you know that someone has been given a “life” instruction. And you know that they are not able to follow it yet. You have to allow them to follow/hear the instruction in their own time. After all it only took me four years for the surf instruction, six years for the yoga instruction and when I die probs for the “life instruction” to sink in.


My best,


#Bitchmittens Ellen

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