Why everyone needs to buy a GoPro. Like, right now.


Here I am, writing this post on the back of my boarding pass on the drive home from the airport. I’m eager to write and frankly the journey is long.


But I’m writing about something I’d never thought I’d write about. My Gopro.


Now I’m sure some of you have heard of Gopros. You may even have used one. If not, well, it’s a camera. But not just any camera. It can be smashed, hurled through the air, dropped into water and mounted on pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere! When you think of Gopros, you conjure images of bronzed bodies and frozen soul patches. You know the type. Effortlessly cool, surfboard, skis, bmx bike in tow. If you google Gopro you will be bombarded with awesome footage taken on these tiny cameras. Footage on a backdrop of blue skies to the score of Tiesto and the likes.




Well last year Cormac and I went ahead and bought one. His big, sad eyes were very hard to resist! We had (and still have) great aspirations to find the time to do all the things the Gopro is used for. We brought it on holiday in hopes that it would spark some adventure for us. Now, we went on holidays with my family, babies and auld wans, so honestly what adventure were we expecting?


img-5 (1)


But the Gopro did do something… It convinced us to try new things. To be creative. To experiment. To play. I have amazing footage of my family. Footage we would not have with a normal camera. The images went deeper than just happy faces. Images that show beauty, clarity and life. It showed my boyfriend decided immaturity was the best solution, it showed my newly formed body confidence, it showed my nephews being daring. It showed that my dad and boyfriend are scarily alike and it showed that we may have aged but we were all big children in the pool.




All this from a tiny camera strapped to a wrist, to a leg, thrown from person to person. You could be as simple or as experimental with it as you liked. In different hands it did different things. And my family embraced that. They all wanted a go. We may not all my extreme sport stars but we are still all wild at heart.